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Advanced Lessons

Advanced Lessons:

Students’ maturity level grows as they take up to 60 minute lessons weekly.  Students are well prepared in taking state-wide piano exams and have more opportunities to perform and challenge themselves.  They work more in depth on their technique and reading skills in their lessons. Their wide range of repertoire and understanding of music they play becomes more rewarding.  Their joy and passion for music is set for a lifetime.  They are encouraged to go out into their communities more to perform and share their talents and beauty of their music. They are encouraged to strive for excellence, and most importantly, goodness in their humanity through their music. 

60 minute lessons can also be open to older transfer students and older adult beginners who are able to stay more attentive longer, for in P3 Piano Studio, I believe that it  is never too late to start lessons again. 


Also if you are seeking to set up a Zoom for your Online lessons then learn how below by clicking on the Zoom link to the left.