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Instructions and Information

I currently offer organized Theory Group Classes and private lessons.


In P3 Piano Music Studio, 

Private Lessons:
I offer 1-1 weekly private lessons with a choice of 3 different time lengths: 30 minutes, 45 minutes, and 60 minutes based on age and levels. Students receive specialized attention and accommodations in developin skills in technique, ear-training, sight reading, and repertoire playing based on their unique needs.  Time and attention are given to help nurture the student, based on the Suzuki philosophy. 
Here at P3 Piano Studio, a three-way partnership has been put into effect with the acknowledgement that the studentparent(s), and teacher all act as a TEAM. That is what achieves results, and through this partnership, students flourish. 

Parent Expectations: 

Parents are considered “Life Coaches” and are held accountable for supporting and encouraging the child’s progress both during lessons and in the time between lessons (which is when the real magic happens). Parents operating as a “Life Coach” are expected to:

  • Actively participate in each lesson and class discussions.
  • Provide an environment at home conducive to successful practice/playing sessions.
  • Commit to a long-term relationship with piano lessons and a structured practice schedule at home.
  • Ensure that all assignments are completed, and that the playlist is maintained. (It is not necessary to actively engage in every practice session; however, parents should be available to offer help and support, particularly when using the student home materials.)
  • Read all studio communications for important studio-related information.
  • Utilize the studio’s website to access necessary information.
  • Familiarize yourself with all guidelines and studio policies.


Click Above to Download 1 Page Overview of Parent Expectations:

Signing up for individual lessons grants you access to theory group classes. They offer a shared and collaborative environment where they can learn theory music reading concepts and have opportunities to to play for one another in a safe environment providing a feeling of family and community support.

Why should students benefit from Theory Group classes ?


  1. Observatory- watching others go through the learning process

  2. Participatory- actively processing the learning themselves and interacting with directions from the teacher; students also interact and contribute with other students through activities and interactive games

  3. Application -taking what they have learned and applying it in new and different ways in their music, or mentoring and teaching others

In this way, students learn faster and on a deeper level than what can be accomplished in private lessons.



Also if you are seeking to set up a Zoom for your Online lessons then learn how below by clicking on the Zoom icon to the left.