“It was amazing how talented some of your students are after only 2-4 years of lessons! The grandparents were even impressed that [she] was able to play 1) in the recital in front of strangers and 2) with both hands at the same time after only 2 months of lessons! … even young children can play multiple variations of a song in such a short length of time.”

“You have exceptional patience…something I admire and strive for myself. Music aside, piano lessons with you are helping [my son] learn how to apply himself to something that is very challenging for him! It is important for his self confidence and self esteem.”

“I am very proud of [my daughter.] [What she is playing] is the hardest piece she has learned so far. She is practicing it a lot and is self-determined to get it perfect for Sunday. I have actually had to tell her to stop practicing because it is bed time because we need to leave the house. Thank you for all your work with her. She is really doing better and has a better attitude about playing piano with you than with her past teachers. Thank you for being kind but firm. I think that is what she responds to.”

“Phyllis is a very kind and patient teacher who cares about each of her students. She meets the students’ needs at each lesson and patiently helps them through whatever it is that they are struggling with playing that week, encourages them and offers praises for accomplishments. She has a balanced style of teaching incorporating music theory with ear training.”

“Thank you for everything you have done and are doing for [my son and daughter]. I am so proud of them, and it is due to your efforts and patience. They are proud of themselves and I am in awe of how well they performed without stage fright! They have a love of music, and I saw that when [my son] learned Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer–he just played it and played it and played it! With the basics you are teaching him, he will be able to play almost anything he sets his mind to do!”

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